Robert Libman to run for Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc

Robert Libman to run for Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc

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Robert Libman to run for Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc

“Over the past 10 years, CSL taxes have skyrocketed from one of the lowest tax rates on

the island of Montreal to the 2nd highest mill rate of all 35 cities and boroughs.

“We need creative & dynamic solutions. We need to make CSL affordable again!”

June 22, 2017 – Robert Libman has thrown his hat in the ring for the November 5th municipal elections, and will run for Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc, a position he previously held for two terms. He has also served as the Member of the Quebec National Assembly (MNA) for D’Arcy McGee which includes Côte Saint-Luc as does the federal riding of Mount-Royal in which he ran as the Conservative Party candidate in the last federal election. In that election he won the Côte Saint-Luc portion of the riding by a wide margin.


Libman is an architect and an urban planning consultant. He has sat on the City of Montreal Executive Committee in charge of Urban Planning and was responsible for the City’s Urban Master Plan adopted in 2004. He is most qualified and competent for the position with considerable experience and expertise at multiple levels of government and very passionate about urban and municipal issues. He was also the head of B’nai Brith Canada in Quebec, defending against racism and providing community services. As an MNA and leader of the Equality Party in the National Assembly he was a strong and consistent voice for minority rights.


While mayor of Côte Saint Luc Robert Libman spearheaded several initiatives:

  • He finally broke the 25 year impasse on the Cavendish extension by formulating a consensus with the Ministry of Transport and the other municipalities involved. The City of Montreal subsequently set up a Cavendish Project Bureau with a $5 Million budget which he unveiled.
  • Removal of the irritating Stop signs at every street corner on Fleet Road
  • Launched the new Recreation hub and 5 phase master-plan for the Parkhaven site starting with the outdoor pool building, recreation offices and a new gymnasium.
  • The CSL Dog-run
  • Initiated the creation and design of Veterans Park leading to the relocation of the veterans monument
  • Major renovations and modernization of the Library
  • A new City logo and rebranding of City signage and vehicles.
  • The transformation of the City’s wading pools to interactive water parks
  • Master plan for the modernization of the City Parks
  • Rebranding of Trudeau Park and installation of new irrigation and drainage systems for the baseball fields
  • Creation and launch of the Human Rights Walkway at Trudeau Park
  • Inventory Study and 10 year road reconstruction prioritization plan
  • Modernization of the CSL Zoning bylaw
  • First City in Montreal to acquire an electric ice re-surfacer for the arena
  • Rezoning of Meadowbrook Golf course from residential to recreational to reflect its actual usage
  • Many zoning changes towards affordable townhouse developments as a means to encourage young families to reside in CSL which has helped in rejuvenating the community
  • Instrumental in helping establish Chabad CSL Synagogue and youth community Centre
  • Helped establish the First B’nai Brith subsidized housing project
  • Created a second public question period at Council meetings

While Robert Libman was Mayor, taxes were consistently among the lowest of any municipality on the Island of Montreal.  Now, as CSL is the 2nd highest taxed of all 35 municipal entities on the island of Montreal, his foremost priority will be the reduction of the tax burden without compromising services. During the campaign he will unveil his platform of tax reduction initiatives as well as a series of other platform points.

Robert Libman brings tremendous experience and competence to the office of Mayor at a time when municipalities face many serious challenges regarding the cost of infrastructure and provision of municipal services. He has been an outspoken advocate for his community.


“Côte Saint-Luc is a great place to live but can be much greater if it realizes its full potential, said Libman.

He will be running alongside other candidates with the hope of injecting some fresh new blood on the CSL Council with more diversity to reflect the true face of the City.

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