Yesterday’s storm is another illustration of why Cities need to move quicker to bury overhead electrical wires

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Yesterday’s violent storm and the related Hydro-electric blackouts should be another reminder for Cities to accelerate the gradual burying of power lines”, said Robert Libman today, who is running for Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc. Overhead electrical wiring is vulnerable to climatic changes and storms and most often related to the cause of blackouts or Hydro Quebec interruptions. We all know too well what happened in January 1998 during the ice storm.

The Commission Electrique de Montreal and Hydro Quebec favor the burying of Hydro-electric wiring but it is an expensive process. “Our administration will actively put in place a program that is synchronized with our road repair framework and schedule for the gradual burial of power lines as streets are being redone,” said Libman.

Many people don’t even realize it, but when you look up, you see wiring everywhere. Urban clutter such as signage, power lines, overhead wires, waste receptacles, mailboxes, etc. litter our urban environment and detract from the aesthetic quality of our streets.

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