Pilot Project to Look into Allowing Overnight Parking in CSL

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For decades, Côte Saint-Luc has not allowed overnight parking primarily for reasons of security and snow clearing. This has generated debate at times as this can become a serious inconvenience for some home owners with larger families and more than two cars. People often have to call public security and make arrangements on a case by case basis.

My administration will explore the possibility of some exceptions, which could be related to how many cars are attributed to a residence or exempting certain densely populated streets or sectors during certain periods of the year when snow clearing is not an issue for example. With both public security and V-Cops, not to mention the police from Station 9, some of the concerns about security should be alleviated.

The pilot project will be put in place for a limited period of time and be accompanied by focus groups to help gauge the pros and cons of the initiative. Certain areas, certain times of the year and whether there should be a cost factor in order to generate revenues for the City will all be evaluated.

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