Robert Libman wants to add a second refrigerated ice surface next to the arena

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Robert Libman as Mayor of Cote Saint-Luc will add a second ice surface, an outdoor refrigerated rink in the Confederation Annex (Butler Building) next to the Samuel Moskovitch arena. “Our hockey programs could be greatly enhanced if we had additional practice ice-time. Outdoor rinks have become very difficult to maintain and are unreliable as recent winters have proven”, he said. A properly maintained refrigerated rink next to the arena where the Zamboni can easily access it would provide a perfect opportunity from October to April to give our hockey program a major shot in the arm.

Libman also committed to approach sponsors for the project, particularly the Montreal Canadiens who already sponsor a number of outdoor refrigerated rinks in various municipalities. The “Bleu Blanc Bouge” rinks program initiated by the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation in 2008 for under-privileged neighborhoods, includes Confederation Park in Côte-des-Neiges/NDG, Willibrod Park in Verdun and Hayward Park in Lasalle.

“We would propose a joint partnership in order to expand the program to consider our municipality as a participant to more actively engage our youth”, said Libman. “If, in order to qualify it needed community participation and funding, we would call on residents of the City to help sponsor the initiative,” said Libman. Schematic view of what a refrigerated ice rink would look like

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