Côte Saint-Luc taxpayers cannot afford an 11-15 million dollar theatre

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In light of The Suburban Newspaper report that a grant application has been refused

August 31, 2017 – “CSL taxpayers cannot afford to build and then support the annual operating costs for a new 11-15 million dollar theatre”, said Robert Libman, who is running for Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc. The Suburban Newspaper reported this week that Côte Saint-Luc’s application for a grant to build the theatre was rejected. However, the City’s three year capital works budget (PTI) identifies $11M for the project (see below). “Complicated projects of this nature always go over budget”, said Libman. “The sitting Mayor is a producer and actor in the CSL Dramatic Society productions so I understand that he is enticed by the project.” But Libman, who lauded the popularity of the plays, said that the current facilities at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium at City Hall are perfectly adequate. There is also the Wagar Auditorium which is a very appropriate venue if needed.

Côte Saint-Luc taxes have dramaticaly been on the rise for the last dozen years and the City now has the second highest tax rate of all municipal entities on the Island, including all boroughs of Montreal. “Only one third of one percent of residents on the Island of Montreal pay a higher municipal tax rate than we do”, said Libman. He called on the administration to confirm that the $11M in funds allocated in the Capital Works Budget will not be used for this purpose now that the grant has been refused.

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