Libman proposes an independent annual audit to comb through City expenses and tenders

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Libman proposes an independent annual audit to comb through City expenses and tenders

Can also shave millions off building expenses with greater and greener energy efficiency

“A number of initiatives are critical in attacking Cote Saint-Luc’s hefty tax rate in order to make our municipality more affordable”, said CSL mayoralty candidate Robert Libman this week. Although it was one of the lower taxed communities on the island of Montreal fifteen years ago, Côte Saint-Luc’s tax rate has elevated to the second highest of all 35 municipalities and boroughs on the island of Montreal. Only one third of one percent of residents on the island of Montreal are now subject to a higher tax rate than are residents of Côte Saint-Luc.

“My first priority as Mayor will be to bring this rate down to where it should be and to try to do so without compromising the quality of services that our residents have always enjoyed”, said Libman.

Three major initiatives

  • An external auditor will be called upon to do a report every year, much like the Auditor General of Montreal, in order to comb through expenses, tenders, contracts, etc, in order to pinpoint inefficiencies, waste and best practises. This report will be made public.
  • Energy efficiency: The City owns and operates over 20 buildings and Park Chalets. (See list below) The energy, heating and ventilation (HVAC) costs to maintain the buildings eat a large chunk of the City’s annual budget. “One of my first initiatives will be a full inventory and quality control analysis of the HVAC systems and lighting for each public property to determine optimum energy savings, water conservation and temperature controls during working hours and at night and off-peak hours. Lowering the Air conditioning by a few degrees overnight in summer or the heating in winter can make a big difference. “It’s unacceptable to see how many municipal buildings are lit up at night and on weekends when they are closed”. (See photos below)

“Optimizing more efficient energy consumption can save us millions in energy costs and does not affect the services to citizens. “I also promise to take a good hard look at renegotiating the maintenance contracts for the HVAC and elevator systems. “We will also research and aggressively push green technologies to more efficiently cool, heat and light our buildings”.

  • Electric vehicles: Gradually replacing the fleet of vehicles for public works, public security and V-Cops with electric run vehicles. Public works alone currently have dozens of vehicles on the road. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent every year to gas up the vehicles.

“With the relative savings that can be generated by transitioning to electric vehicles, not to mention the environmental benefits for our residents, this will be one of the first initiatives of the administration”.

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For information:

Robert Libman


CSL City Hall (Saturday night, May 6th at 11:15pm)

CSL Library and City Hall (Saturday night, May 6th at 11:15pm)

CSL Pool building, Recreation offices and outdoor pool (Saturday night, May 6th at 11:15pm)

CSL Aquatic Centre and Gymnasium (Saturday night, May 6th at 11:20pm)

CSL Aquatic Centre and Gymnasium (Saturday night, Sept. 9th at 11:40pm)

List of Cote Saint-Luc Public buildings

City Hall



Aquatic and Community Centre

Recreation offices

Outdoor pool building



CSL Tennis Club

Public works offices & garage

Public Security offices and EMS (8100 CSL Road)

Chalet at Trudeau Park (1, 2 & 3)

Chalet at Rembrandt Park

Chalet at MacDowell Park

Chalet at Allan J. Levine Playground

Chalet at Yitzhak Rabin Park

Chalet at Shuster Park

Chalet at Helfield Park

Chalet at Schwartz Park

Chalet at Singerman Park

Fire Station (City of Montreal)

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