August 29, 2017 – Cote St. Luc – KIRWAN PARK COMPLETION

WE NEED TO FINALLY COMPLETE KIRWAN PARK. Unfortunately, it’s still an eye sore after all these years
Since a fire destroyed the chalet at Kirwan Park about seven years ago, a bed of gravel, a temporary trailer and portable toilet have been noticeably sitting between the two baseball fields. For the large number of users of the park, this has been an eye-sore and an embarrassment for the City for almost a decade. The City received a cheque from the insurance company at the time.

The underground plumbing lines still exist where the footprint of the former chalet used to sit. We will rebuild a small chalet with restrooms and storage areas. The Chalet was well used by summer day camps for years and housed sports equipment for the many softball leagues and soccer programs that used the park. With the government grants that exist to finance at least one third of the cost of municipal capital projects for recreational purposes, we will make an application to rebuild this modest structure. Furthermore, the daily operational costs of a rebuilt facility will be negligible as the existing blue collar worker who currently supervises the park could work out of the new chalet instead of the trailer